MUQID Company

We offer specialised services in anti-fraud coaching & consultancy, disaster recovery coaching & consultancy and problem solving coaching & consultancy.
At MUQID Company, we believe in empowering your organisation by preventing fraud, being prepared for setbacks and finding effective solutions to complex challenges.
Our expert consultants are ready to guide your organisation towards a safer, more resilient future.
Together, we build success and growth. And finally… Dare to try it clever!

Our services:
Anti-fraud coaching & consultancy
Together with the client, we look at fraud-sensitive processes to build in the necessary steps to avoid fraud.
Disaster recovery coaching & consultancy
Here, we offer proactive disaster recovery planning for clients who want to be prepared for risks they (may) not see.
Problem solving coaching & consultancy
At the client’s request, we approach an organisation-specific problem or a broader problem and grow towards a solution through various methodologies in group or solo.
ICT consultancy