MUQID Company

We specialize in providing tailored coaching & consultancy services focused on anti-fraud, disaster recovery, and problem-solving.

At MUQID Company, we are dedicated to empowering your organization by proactively preventing fraud, preparing for potential setbacks, and crafting effective solutions to intricate challenges. Our team of expert consultants is committed to guiding your organization towards a safer, more resilient future.

Together, we cultivate success and foster growth. And finally… Dare to try it clever!

Our services include:

Anti-fraud coaching & consultancy: Collaboratively examining fraud-sensitive processes with clients to implement necessary measures for fraud prevention.

Disaster recovery coaching & consultancy: Offering proactive disaster recovery planning to clients who seek readiness for unforeseen risks.

Problem-solving coaching & consultancy: Addressing organization-specific or broader challenges at the client’s request, and progressing towards solutions through various methodologies in group or individual settings.

ICT consultancy